Happy July!

My god, where has the year gone?!?!

Roommate (wwell, former) contnues to improve. She walked about 20 steps with a walker down the hall of her nursing facility yesterday! She's doing wonderfully, much more progress than had been expected.

DH is having some medical issues with his blood pressure going a bit low, but our doctors are very involved and we're working on solutions. He's so much healthier since her surgery and is almost unrecognizable. His dad is failing fast, so we're dealing with the fact that he has a very finite probably single number of months left.

I'm still severely anemic and waiting for an opeting to a visit to a hematologist. Some days it is so bad that working is a struggle (and I work a desk job) and others I have a bit of energy. If you're familiar with anemia levels, I'm at about a 5.2 right now, whereas I should be over 10. The IV infusion I got in the hospital didn't bump my levels up as it should have, so this may be a complex situation with a complex solution.

Tygs is still hanging on, despite being under five pounds. She's still got energy, is running, playing, chasing down cat treats aggressively, and, most importantly, seems to be in no pain whatsoever. She's such an amazing cat! So we wait. Its on my mind that we lost Java two years ago this July 4th, though.

Dh and I finally got a refrigerator large enough to suit our needs, only to find that the store that sold it as a floor model actually sold it as a broken and used model. When we traced down a drepairman, we discovered it had a history of two repair visits, at someone else's home. They'd owned our floor model for a minimum three months, most likely closer to a year.

To say we were unhapy was a gross understatement. After an entire week of negotiations, complaints, etc. they decided to do an even replacement on our fridge, meaning they're giving us a new unit for the same price we paid. Their delivery people will be here in several hours, will remove the broken fridge and will install the new one.

Writing is going well. I'm working on the NCIS Big Bang story, called Hurt, working on several original projects (one contracted forever that [livejournal.com profile] tejas has torn apart for me before I send it to the publisher, and I started a short NCIS fanfic when stuck in traffic yesterday. It seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and I couldn't be happier.

Here's my word count at the half year mark of Get Your Words Out!

165109 / 300000

I'm pretty pleased with this, though I wish I had more words on a single project--any single project--rather than being spread out over original, fanfic, self pub, etc.

How're you? How is your summer going?
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