Hey there :)

Another month, another update from TGland.

After a heck of an ordeal, my hand is healing really well. I was on IV antibiotics for 3 weeks, 5 days in the hospital and the rest via a PICC line, an IV line that went almost to the heart. I did the IV medication at home (and when I was away) myself, rather than a nurse or some other professional doing it. It was pretty scary, but I got into a routine pretty quickly.

I had a GREAT time in Oklahoma for the MH13 weekend, seeing friends old and new. There were some hairy moments spent in a tornado shelter on Friday night, and a few other hiccups with the weekend (the bowling event was postponed by a day and the baseball game canceled, due to the weather) but Mark and friends gave their all.

Traveling with the PICC line was expected to be more complicated than it was, and [livejournal.com profile] tejas was so amazingly helpful. And her rockstar driving skills kept [livejournal.com profile] firebirdblue, [livejournal.com profile] cackymn_lj and me very safe on the harrowing drive back to the OKC hotel on Friday night.

Tyggie is still hanging in, despite losing weight. We remain on course to keep her comfortable and make decisions when she seems to not be comfortable any more. Right now, she's head butting and purring, and her quality of life seems steady.

The new cats are settling in well. Mia is a bit skittish still, but we're working hard together, and she wants to be loved on, so this is a very good sign.

Roommate has settled into her nursing home well enough and outside of the financial changes, DH and I have as well. She's progressing some at this place--she can kick her leg out at the hip and twitch a couple of fingers. It doesn't sound like much on the one level, but it is miraculous on the other. They've told us several times that people who have this severe a stroke rarely get through the first month. It was just luck, the skill of our local paramedics, and good instincts that had her at the hospital so quickly.

It isn't realistic to think she'll ever live alone, but she can read again, can watch TV, can feed herself, can maneuver the wheelchair around, she speaks well. These are all absolute miracles.

Dh's dad is going downhill fast. He got the terminal diagnosis (which was just a formality). He lives in Australia, so it is extra hard for DH, especially as the cancer is robbing his father of the ability to speak clearly. Please keep him in your thoughts!

Super!Nephew is adorable, and SIL and Bro are great parents.

We welcomed a new DIL in the family, when my younger stepson married last month. That's 3 stepkids married, 6 stepgrandkids now :) And yes, I'm barely in my forties ;)

Writing...ahhh writing!

Well, I'm doing some. I started a fanfic--when a bunch of us were in the tornado shelter in Oklahoma, we challenged each other to write a fanfic based on such an event. Mine is about 2000 words in, unexpectedly angsty (you're shocked, aren't you?).

I'm also working on a commissioned fanfic for the NCIS Big Bang and am about 8K into that.

And [livejournal.com profile] tejas gleefully shredded one of my original stories, one that has been contracted for too many years. I'm about to dive in to her edits on that, in the hopes I can have a small press release before late fall.

I'm dying to get back to self pub (Merc is yelling for more screen time) but work has picked up and there just hasn't been time where there has been creative energy and vice versa. But I'm hopeful I'll be able to squeeze some m/m writing time in soon! I'm going to try writing on my tablet and see how that goes.

Here's my current WC!

How're you?
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