Hey there :)

Another month, another update from TGland.

After a heck of an ordeal, my hand is healing really well. I was on IV antibiotics for 3 weeks, 5 days in the hospital and the rest via a PICC line, an IV line that went almost to the heart. I did the IV medication at home (and when I was away) myself, rather than a nurse or some other professional doing it. It was pretty scary, but I got into a routine pretty quickly.

I had a GREAT time in Oklahoma for the MH13 weekend, seeing friends old and new. There were some hairy moments spent in a tornado shelter on Friday night, and a few other hiccups with the weekend (the bowling event was postponed by a day and the baseball game canceled, due to the weather) but Mark and friends gave their all.

Traveling with the PICC line was expected to be more complicated than it was, and [livejournal.com profile] tejas was so amazingly helpful. And her rockstar driving skills kept [livejournal.com profile] firebirdblue, [livejournal.com profile] cackymn_lj and me very safe on the harrowing drive back to the OKC hotel on Friday night.

Tyggie is still hanging in, despite losing weight. We remain on course to keep her comfortable and make decisions when she seems to not be comfortable any more. Right now, she's head butting and purring, and her quality of life seems steady.

The new cats are settling in well. Mia is a bit skittish still, but we're working hard together, and she wants to be loved on, so this is a very good sign.

Roommate has settled into her nursing home well enough and outside of the financial changes, DH and I have as well. She's progressing some at this place--she can kick her leg out at the hip and twitch a couple of fingers. It doesn't sound like much on the one level, but it is miraculous on the other. They've told us several times that people who have this severe a stroke rarely get through the first month. It was just luck, the skill of our local paramedics, and good instincts that had her at the hospital so quickly.

It isn't realistic to think she'll ever live alone, but she can read again, can watch TV, can feed herself, can maneuver the wheelchair around, she speaks well. These are all absolute miracles.

Dh's dad is going downhill fast. He got the terminal diagnosis (which was just a formality). He lives in Australia, so it is extra hard for DH, especially as the cancer is robbing his father of the ability to speak clearly. Please keep him in your thoughts!

Super!Nephew is adorable, and SIL and Bro are great parents.

We welcomed a new DIL in the family, when my younger stepson married last month. That's 3 stepkids married, 6 stepgrandkids now :) And yes, I'm barely in my forties ;)

Writing...ahhh writing!

Well, I'm doing some. I started a fanfic--when a bunch of us were in the tornado shelter in Oklahoma, we challenged each other to write a fanfic based on such an event. Mine is about 2000 words in, unexpectedly angsty (you're shocked, aren't you?).

I'm also working on a commissioned fanfic for the NCIS Big Bang and am about 8K into that.

And [livejournal.com profile] tejas gleefully shredded one of my original stories, one that has been contracted for too many years. I'm about to dive in to her edits on that, in the hopes I can have a small press release before late fall.

I'm dying to get back to self pub (Merc is yelling for more screen time) but work has picked up and there just hasn't been time where there has been creative energy and vice versa. But I'm hopeful I'll be able to squeeze some m/m writing time in soon! I'm going to try writing on my tablet and see how that goes.

Here's my current WC!

How're you?
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From: [identity profile] tejas.livejournal.com

It was great fun! You were no problem with your line, btw, but if I never drive in weather like that again, I'll be just fine. LOLOL But it wasn't the first time, and I doubt it'll be the last. ;-)

I wouldn't say I was *gleeful* but I did warn you I was going to be extra picky. LOL But even with that, it's a good story, you're just a much better writer now than you were then.

From: [identity profile] hawk-soaring.livejournal.com

*hugs you* Always love your updates. :) Me? Fighting off a cold and feeling miserable and very unproductive in the writing department. *sigh*

From: [identity profile] finlaure.livejournal.com

The driving that night was what nightmares are made of!!! I was sooo happy when I spotted that gas station that I stayed at for a while after I lost sight of ncislove's car. That and I was almost out of gas.
It was soooo good to meet all of ya'll! I know I didn't stay in the actual bathroom part of the shelter that Friday night, but i would have fainted from the heat and I sooo suffer from claustraphobia. But I have been thinking of a story too.
And Mark Harmon was SOOOOO nice and so patient with, "can I have one more autograph or one more pic" I wonder if he gets hand cramps?!?!
It was a wonderful weekend all in all because I got to put Wonderful people to the names I have known.

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

It was! And things were so chaotic!

Mark is just wonderful, isn't he :) And I loved meeting the newer folks and seeing the folks from years past :)

From: [identity profile] emerald-green37.livejournal.com

So glad you're getting better. The weekend sounded like so much fun, even with the wild weather.

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much--me too.

And just being with fandom friends was worth it--add in MH and the Bombers, and that takes it to another level.

From: [identity profile] emerald-green37.livejournal.com

I can imagine. I went to the last Sentinel event that happened while the show was still on the air. It was an amazing weekend.

Didn't even know about this, is it a private event? It's not advertised much if it's not.

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

No, its more a local event that has become a fan event, though the thrust is mostly local. They've never been particularly good about advertising, but there's some new blood on the planning team. CBS this Morning featured Mark and discussed the event, a month or two ago, which opened up more interest as well.

Mark and a group of his friends from college days, including movie producer Frank Marshall, baseball hall of famer/ESPN personality Rick Sutcliffe, and a bunch of other former athletes/mostly UCLA alum travel to Oklahoma City every year for a bowling/softball weekend that supports the local Indian clinic and other local children's charities.

Several of us have been attending multiple years--the first year I attended, it was a half dozen or so fans who traveled in, a couple from Europe. Now, it is roughly...oh, I'd say 20-25 fans who travel from all over.

Mark mingles as much as he can during the bowling event, and plays in the game, though last year he was injured at his first at bat.

It is a lot of fun, and Mark is an amazingly sweet guy :)

From: [identity profile] bluefirebird.livejournal.com

The weekend was brilliant, too bad it was so short.

Thinking back I loved Harmon's reaction when you offered to show him the IV port - that was a glimpse at the real man!

I had 'grandchildren' to tease friends and work colleagues with from the age of 23 - they are a couple of strapping and very personable young men now.

Still sending good vibes to Cat, at least it sounds as if she has some quality of life.

And I am still in awe of the number of words you turn out (although I might not be quite so in awe if I actually kept track of everything that I write, like this, emails, club stuff, etc.)

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

LOl I think he got stammery then. didn't he?

I tried to keep track of writing work mails and such, but it just depressed me, how much I write that isn't a part of any fun wrting LOL

From: [identity profile] ferneberga.livejournal.com

So glad to hear that your life is graducally getting back on course; that your infection has cleared up, roommate has achieved so much autonomy so quickly after such a massive stroke, that's really quite something, since even people with mild strokes can take ages to get back into the swing of things. Sorry to hear about hubby's dad, I so understand how he's feeling, because when my mum took ill and died I was here in Bilbao and couldn't get there in time, and in the 2 weeks she was ill before she passed away, I only actually got to talk to her 4 times - so lots of hugs for hubby, I really do sympathesise with his situation.

That must have been a sight you travelling down and around OKC with your iv line attached, it's like something out of MASH :-)

So glad work's picking up for you even if it does rob you of writing time, it's one of the hazards of being self-employed.

As always I'll be looking forward to reading your fics when ready.

Hugs (to the new kitties too)

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Gosh me too!!!

I'm so sorry you couldn't get to your mum :( Many hugs!!!

The IV line was fairly unobtrusive unless I was actually taking the medication. ANd for the event, I had a "sleeve made (that MH signed). Unless you knew it was there, especially on Saturday night, you wouldn't have noticed...I hope ;)

Work is soooo busy--and while I LIKE it being this busy, I could use a break LOL. Feast or famine always!!


From: [identity profile] ferneberga.livejournal.com

It was a time factor with mum, and she thought she'd have the bypass surgery in time and returned to the local hospital (she died in a London one, which meant dad had a 6 hour round trip daily), I've got in perspective now after nearly 4 years, I'm pleased to say though.

Hey! You might have started a new fashion with your portable i.v. and sleeve - lol

Now ain't that the truth about our type of work, coupled with the current situation we can't really say no to anything.
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From: [personal profile] sinfulslasher

Glad to hear about roommate and you doing better! *sends more healing vibes, just because*

Jealous of you meeting Mark again, wish I could be there one year (though I totally don't miss being in a tornado! O.o).

Congrats on the word count! Pretty damn impressive! *boggles*

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much! We can all use 'em!!

We need a fadom get together around the event ;) Maybe the year he brings Michael (I do ask every year LOL).

Thanks about the word count. I'll consider it a victory once this book is out the door!

From: [identity profile] kaylashay.livejournal.com

Tornadoes are no fun... been in too many. *shudders*

Glad you able to enjoy the trip even with the lingering health issue and the severe weather. I need to remember to find out the details and try to go to that event. Definitely. Or just tell MH he needs to come to Metropolis, IL for the Superman celebration (and bring Pauley Perrette and Matt Bomer can tag along too since they've all done Superman related things).

I'm amazed that you've still written that much even with all that's gone on... Kudos!

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

You said it! Hugs!! I think there was safety in numbers, so to speak (emotionally anyway) We were all able to talk and distract each other while in the shelter.

Though there are certain advantages of being in the shelter MH was in, which none of us were, darn it! He ended up stuck back in the city, while the rest of us were at the bowling alley.

The event is typically late May-early June, always Oklahoma, usually info gets announced early in the year.

From: [identity profile] josgotglock.livejournal.com

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and things are little bit calmer around you. Jeesh, it sounds like you've had your life full of ups and downs healthwise with you, your family, pets, and friends. Sending good vibes to all of you! I'm also happy to hear everyone had a great MH weekend in OKC!! Hope we get a chance to read your fanfic soon. Big hugs!! :)

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much! 2013 has been a heck of a year already.

From: [identity profile] nakeisha.livejournal.com

I'm glad to hear your hand is healing well.

And that really is good news about your room-mate, it really is. I'm so pleased and you all must be.

I'm sorry to hear about DH's father and I shall indeed keep him in my thoughts.


From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much! The roommate situation is no less than miraculous. t eases our minds so much to know she's happy there and getting worked hard.


From: [identity profile] nakeisha.livejournal.com

It really is.

And I can quite understand how much better and easier it makes you feel knowing she's happy and has improved so much. And it must be lovely for her to be able to do things like feeing herself, I'm so glad she's come on so well.


From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

It is! I think it'll be so much better yet when she can d a few more personal groomming things on her own, but every step gives her so much more independence. We cried when she was able to focus her eyes enough to read again--that was huge!

From: [identity profile] nakeisha.livejournal.com

That really is good to hear *Keeps good vibes coming*

I'm not surprised to hear that, to be able to read again is so good.

From: [identity profile] xanthe.livejournal.com

Sounds like there's still lots going on for you. I empathise - I keep wanting life to calm down but it doesn't seem to be going to. I feel I'm just along for the ride, holding onto the sides for dear life at the moment!

I'm glad to hear Cat is improving - that's really good. It's great she's able to do the things she loved before the stroke, like reading.

So sorry to hear about DH's dad - that must be really tough for him. But I'm glad the kitty situation is stable and your health has improved!


From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thats the credo of 2013, I'm afraid :(

Thanks and hugs!

From: [identity profile] cackymn-lj.livejournal.com

Nice update.
I don't know how you do it! RL is such an octopus, but it's people, right. If it were just stuff ... I think you are doing a great job and I will keep your loved one's needs in my thoughts, such as they are.
Yes, tejas was a total rock star with the driving. Especially considering that you and I were talking up (a storm) as the car hydroplaned and we searched the seething, lashing darkness for exits! Haha.
Major kudos on the WC!
Want to say again how much I enjoyed you and the rest of the posse. The spontaneous way it all happened from my end must have seemed a little crazy, and the acceptance from all of you was truly humbling. AND IT WAS A FREAKIN' BLAST.
I so need women in my life I can talk to about writing, fandom, and stuff that makes us tick. As I told firebirdblue, I have girly-girl friends, but there's only so much you can say about fingernail polish. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
Anyway, best of everything, etc, etc.! :-)

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

I really dont hve a choice, you know. Cat needs as much support as possible. OKC was w good break, what I needed.

Meeting you guys was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I'm soooooo glad we met :)

From: [identity profile] weird-fin.livejournal.com

Thoughts to the roommate and DH's father.

I'm glad you had a good time with MH and people again despite IV lines and tornadoes! I'd love to go to something like that but maybe not if I have to experience tornadoes..

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much! Its been a crazy weather year for the poor folks in OKC :/