So, things have been fairly frenetic this week, but calming down slightly. I'm missing a routine--any routine--but I have gotten a little writing done here and there as I can.

New kitteh Natasha is settling in fairly well, thank god, though she's a bit skittish. I'm told she's a lap cat, we'll see.

I'm hoping to try a couple of prompts and dip my toe back into fandom writing--god knows I have a lot I want and need to do!

Here's my current word count!

82432 / 300000

Given what 2013 has thrown my way, I'll take it!

How're YOU?

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I've never seen a Russian Blue with a ringed tail. Or is she a space alien?
Hope some of your struggles are giving you a little breathing space.
Blessings for your family...
((( )))

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Re: Natasha

I think she's a Russian Blue/Domestic shorthair mix, though the foster claimed she was purebreed, but they lost the papers. The name Natasha came about when Dh said she was a domestic mix in RB colors (IE a spy) LOL ;)

we're hanging in--thanks. Trying to get back to a routine, and that helps!
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New kitty looks gorgeous! I'm glad she's settling in - and that things have been a bit calmer for you :-)

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She's very sweet, super affectionate but a little skittish. Still, with all the upheaval that started right after she arrived, she's doing great :)

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Oh - Our little Martini (grey cat with green eyes) greets Natasha and compliments her on her beauty and color choices. Hope all goes well with her, and that life continues to improve on all other fronts.

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Lol I thought of you when I was calling her tiny gray cat a few times. Tasha compliments Martini on great taste ;)
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I think that's a pretty damn impressive word count, period. Considering everything RL has thrown at you, it's actually unbelievable!

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LOl never doubt what utter desperation will do. I MUST get some book income out there. I noticed from my daily word count I'm either feast or famine--when I'm writing, I do at least a thousand a day but then I'll have 3-4 days I can't write.

I did some stuff while waiting in the hospital and doc appointments and I'll soon have the contracted original back from the editor, so I'll pick up words there!

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Thank you :) We got her the day before Cat's collapse, and it was nice to have something positive to focus on.