Things have calmed down here. [ profile] silvertales went home last week, Dh is doing just great and while work is a bit crazy, it is manageable.

I've done a fair bit of writing this last week.

I opened up my contracted book from forever ago and have been editing it. Coauthor got it back to me middle of the week, and while he didn't have a lot of changes, I'm a *much* different writer now than I was then.

There are some thngs I can't fix, like the POvs, without massive rewrites, but even just tweaking and such has related in a LOT of new words. I'm just over halfway done too, so I expect at least 3500 more words.

So, here's where I stand for my 2013 GYWO progress.

50517 / 350000

I'm pretty happy with that.

How're YOU?

From: [identity profile]

Yay! Glad to hear DH is doing well (say hi!) and I miss you guys! :) Don't forget to take care of yourself, too, hon! *hugs*

From: [identity profile]

We miss you too!!! :) I'm trying to LOL! Major work project ending soon so.... ;)

From: [identity profile]

Yay for Dh feeling better! And I can't imagine all the editing, but sounds like a ton. If you are feeling accomplished, then by all means I think you should. Almost 15% done in two months, puts you almost right on (or a little ahead) of your goal. Awesome! :)

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately. Major shake-ups at work have kept me from enjoying all my online friends. But, everyone needs a little virtual life time to get them out of their, so I'm back at it. :) *HUGS*

From: [identity profile]

Thanks so much! I am but a little frustrated too.

Oh no--I'm sorry abut the work stress. I hope everything is better now!!
sinfulslasher: (abby approves)

From: [personal profile] sinfulslasher

That's a pretty damn impressive word count! Congrats on being so prolific. :)

Yay re: DH, of course!


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