You know that post I did a couple days ago?

Boy do I have an update.

I will get to replies on that post--please accept my apologies.

Yesterday was E P I C. And not necessarily in GOOD ways.

Okay...first off. SIL. STILL IN LABOR. She SHOULD be pushing right bout now, and hopefully I'll have an edit to my post soon. heard right. They started inducing my poor SIL on Weds at about 10 am (GMT-5). It is currently Friday 11:20 Pm and she STILL HASNT DELIVERED!

They stopped her meds around 8 pm yesterday to give her a chance to eat, shower, and sleep, but as you can imagine, she's drained. As is my brother and SIL's mom. Baby looks great on fetal monitor, they broke SIL's water about 10 hrs ago, and last update I had she should be pushing any time now.

But what a week for them!!

So, given all that, my computer woes, DH's hand, liquid diet, his impending surgery, SIL and bro's neverending labor, you'd expect things were quiet down here.


I don't sleep well--ever. EVER. I remember as a child being up til midnight, one, just unable to sleep. My typical insomnia episodes run a few months of 3-4 hour a night of sleep, then a phase where I sleep more like 6 hours a night. However, since...roughly NOV 2011 (yes 2011 NOT 2012), I started on a 3-4 hour a night phase. Since September, its been more like 90 min cycles, twice a day, three hours of sleep at most.

I've been feeling miserable for months now, but there has always seemed to be higher priorities. Yes, I'm not particularly good about putting MY needs first.

So...anyway...I was up as usual overnight hoping for baby info Weds into Thursday, working away when I realized I was having serious problems putting words together. I was on IM with cyber mom, who called(though it was 4 am or so) and I just randomly took my blood pressure as we spoke. Since roommate has chronic high blood pressure, she has an at home testing cuff. Now, I normally have very low blood pressure, but my pulse rate was a big worry. Normal pulse rate (resting) is in the 60 beats a min range and I was testing in the 37-44. I didn't trust the cuff and did it manually. Same deal. My BP, low as always, too. My lowest in the last several days has been 70/41, with a 34 per min heart rate.

Over the course of a couple hours, I took regular readings. As I sat here, I realized I had rings around my vision, that I was gray on the peripherals of my vision, and that words were harder than ever to string together.

I managed a couple hours of sleep while DH was in the field on a job site and when he got home yesterday afternoon I was so wobbly he looked at me, I looked at him and we trundled off to the ER again. I kind of felt like an idiot, but they took my VERY seriously when they saw the readings, putting me on a cardiac monitor, running a complete blood panel and an EKG.

They did see some anomalies on the EKG, but they didn't seem too concerned, thank god.

After about 3 hours, they sent me home, having diagnosed me with insomnia, cervical spine strain (I have agonizing shoulder and neck pain), severe anemia, and my diabetes needs to be treated again. The scary heartbeat and pulse issue appears to be just severe sleep deprivation related.

Thank god! It is something I'll be keeping an eye on, but pulse rate is already up a bit after one night of sleep.

But what a week!!!

They gave me vicodin (muscle relaxer) and ambien (sleep aid) and I slept 8 hours last night. 8 hours--do you have any idea how GOOD that feels? I know it is just a start but it IS a start!

We need to figure out something about the anemia--Hawk, I know you'll ask LOL! I'm 6.9, which I understand is fairly serious. And I have a serious problem absorbing iron in pill form, so I may have to go IV infusion route.

Back on insulin, which doesn't impress me, but I'm fairly realistic about.

And I should be any aunt any hour now!

So how did YOUR week end up???
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