You know that post I did a couple days ago?

Boy do I have an update.

I will get to replies on that post--please accept my apologies.

Yesterday was E P I C. And not necessarily in GOOD ways.

Okay...first off. SIL. STILL IN LABOR. She SHOULD be pushing right bout now, and hopefully I'll have an edit to my post soon. heard right. They started inducing my poor SIL on Weds at about 10 am (GMT-5). It is currently Friday 11:20 Pm and she STILL HASNT DELIVERED!

They stopped her meds around 8 pm yesterday to give her a chance to eat, shower, and sleep, but as you can imagine, she's drained. As is my brother and SIL's mom. Baby looks great on fetal monitor, they broke SIL's water about 10 hrs ago, and last update I had she should be pushing any time now.

But what a week for them!!

So, given all that, my computer woes, DH's hand, liquid diet, his impending surgery, SIL and bro's neverending labor, you'd expect things were quiet down here.


I don't sleep well--ever. EVER. I remember as a child being up til midnight, one, just unable to sleep. My typical insomnia episodes run a few months of 3-4 hour a night of sleep, then a phase where I sleep more like 6 hours a night. However, since...roughly NOV 2011 (yes 2011 NOT 2012), I started on a 3-4 hour a night phase. Since September, its been more like 90 min cycles, twice a day, three hours of sleep at most.

I've been feeling miserable for months now, but there has always seemed to be higher priorities. Yes, I'm not particularly good about putting MY needs first.

So...anyway...I was up as usual overnight hoping for baby info Weds into Thursday, working away when I realized I was having serious problems putting words together. I was on IM with cyber mom, who called(though it was 4 am or so) and I just randomly took my blood pressure as we spoke. Since roommate has chronic high blood pressure, she has an at home testing cuff. Now, I normally have very low blood pressure, but my pulse rate was a big worry. Normal pulse rate (resting) is in the 60 beats a min range and I was testing in the 37-44. I didn't trust the cuff and did it manually. Same deal. My BP, low as always, too. My lowest in the last several days has been 70/41, with a 34 per min heart rate.

Over the course of a couple hours, I took regular readings. As I sat here, I realized I had rings around my vision, that I was gray on the peripherals of my vision, and that words were harder than ever to string together.

I managed a couple hours of sleep while DH was in the field on a job site and when he got home yesterday afternoon I was so wobbly he looked at me, I looked at him and we trundled off to the ER again. I kind of felt like an idiot, but they took my VERY seriously when they saw the readings, putting me on a cardiac monitor, running a complete blood panel and an EKG.

They did see some anomalies on the EKG, but they didn't seem too concerned, thank god.

After about 3 hours, they sent me home, having diagnosed me with insomnia, cervical spine strain (I have agonizing shoulder and neck pain), severe anemia, and my diabetes needs to be treated again. The scary heartbeat and pulse issue appears to be just severe sleep deprivation related.

Thank god! It is something I'll be keeping an eye on, but pulse rate is already up a bit after one night of sleep.

But what a week!!!

They gave me vicodin (muscle relaxer) and ambien (sleep aid) and I slept 8 hours last night. 8 hours--do you have any idea how GOOD that feels? I know it is just a start but it IS a start!

We need to figure out something about the anemia--Hawk, I know you'll ask LOL! I'm 6.9, which I understand is fairly serious. And I have a serious problem absorbing iron in pill form, so I may have to go IV infusion route.

Back on insulin, which doesn't impress me, but I'm fairly realistic about.

And I should be any aunt any hour now!

So how did YOUR week end up???

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Well, all that aside, how's the weather where you are?
Wow, my dear, that's alot going on..
You have our thoughts and love and prayers. I'm sure you know that
when I see all the people who love you here.
And where aare all the stories you promised?

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That was rude. Tay's telling us she had a bad health scare and your asking about her writing.
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Well, all that aside, how's that basic course in common decency and human compassion you've been spectacularly failing?

Someone really needs to get their priorities straight. Sheesh.
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Oh, man! I'm so glad you went to the ER! When sleep deprivation gets to the point of messing with your blood pressure and pulse, that is NOT something to mess around with.

Take your medicine and REST! :-)

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I am too. I felt like an idiot, but they were really concerned, said that when sleep deprivation hits these levels, all body systems are impacted.


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Wow! More *hugs*for you... Please take care of yourself, and follow the docs orders. *more hugs* If you need anything... you know how to find me. <3
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Thanks so much! I don't do relaxation easily, but clearly I have to slow down a bit :( Hugs!

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Jeez, tay you have to take care of your self before you can take care of every one else. Be better.

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Very scary stuff when heart issues star happening. I'm still paranoid over my allergic reaction to Allegra 4-5 years ago that landed me in the heart unit of the ER.

Glad that you were able to get some sleep. I know how sleep issues go too.

And hope all goes well and speedier with the baby!


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Many many hugs!!! I'm so glad you're okay. And I hope you're sleeping better!

Yeah...with heart and pulse involved, I can't ignore.

Many hugs!
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Let's hear it for the meds! *crowd goes wild* Seriously, stick with them for as long as the doctor allows, that's some heavy-duty insomnia you've got going there.

Liver is high in iron, and so are clams. There are several herbal/vegetable sources of iron you can work into your diet. And don't forget good old fashioned blackstrap molasses. Or vitamin C -- it helps you absorb iron.

PS: Sending positive thoughts for the baby to come soon.

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It is...when I started thinking about it, to establish timelines, it astounded me.

Thanks so much for all the advice. I have some vit c, some iron supplements, some almond butter, and I have a couple of clam steamer frozen meals :) I hope I can organize some liver this week too.

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YOU need to start putting your needs first, missy! I'm relieved they found medication that can help you and I hope the doctors will monitor you carefully in the time ahead. *hugs*

Hope all goes well with the baby, keep us updated. And get lots and lots of rest!

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I know I'm just pathologically unable to. Trying to get better though.

How are YOU, hon?

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wow, that is a lot... and yay for effective meds... take them (I'm a big proponent of taking any help I can get when it comes to being unwell)

I managed to get tonsilitis (even though I've not had tonsils for the last 36 years! - apparently the stalks can get infected... go figure)

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Thanks so much, Believe it or not I am ;)

Feel better and take care!!!

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I feel knackered reading all that. Sorry about your health issues my BP is on the other end of the scale. I'd been feeling very sleepy of late (i.e. more than usual, since we all know I have tendency to sleep 8 hours upwards)and I was still shattered so went to get my BP tested at local pharmacy and it was 186/114 but with a pulse rate of 84 (that's fast for me I'm usually around 65-70). Thank god the main pharmacist wasn't there or she'd probably have sent me to outpatients. But I'm fine.

You make sure you take care. So glad you mentioned to get 8 hours sleep in one go, that's fantastic. Hope they can set your anaemia to rights, that's a bugger I know. Maybe you'll only have to inject iron instead of i.v., still unpleasant but better than i.v.

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I'm sorry--how bout you give me some of your BP and we'll both be better? If only!

Many hugs--YOU take care too!

I had about hours last night as well as a 3 hr nap today, so the meds seem to be helping.

I'm perfectly okay with an iron infusion if that is what it takes.

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Great idea re our BPs. Could give you some of my iron too, as I nearly always have a very high count - lol

So glad the meds are working. Hugs

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From one insomniac to another... I really feel your pain. Mine has never caused those types of health problems, so please take care of yourself.

And let's hear it for the meds... better living through chemistry I always say!

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Holy buckets, hon!

I'm both sad and glad that you had to go to the ER; sad because I'm so sorry it was necessary, but glad because it seems like they were able to help and provide some answers!! The anemia is definitely not good, especially if you have absorption problems, but I'm glad everything seems treatable (if a bit scary!) You've got to take care of yourself, hon!

So many hugs, and you guys are always in my thoughts! I certainly hope you're an auntie by now!!

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I know--what a week, eh?

Heading off to new primary care doc on Tues who will hopefully have good anemia ideas.

Many hugs--hoping we can give em in person ;)

And I AM :) An Auntie I mean!

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Best of luck with the doc, hon, I hope it was a good and productive visit!

many many hugs, and I'll give you bigSQUOOSHY hugs when I see you!!

Yay, Auntie!TG! :)

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Hey honey.


Medicine is good - enjoy the rest, and being an aunt.

When your DH is feeling better see if he can sorce you some kangaroo. It has alot of iron in the meat. Fresh purple Brocolli is also very good.

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*hugs you* SO glad you got yourself checked out. Ambien is good stuff. I take it when I can no longer function. The very first time I took it I had an awful reaction to it (bizarre nightmares, couldn't wake up even though I knew I was dreaming -- and I beat on D all night, poor guy). I switched to Lunesta for awhile and then, when my insurance wouldn't cover the Lunesta anymore I went back to Ambien (generic). It's fine now, but I don't like to take it all the time. I hope you continue to have good luck with it.

As for the anemia... *frowns* HOW did you get that way? When was the last time you had your blood checked? Was this something that developed over years or was it relatively quick? Sorry about all the questions and don't worry if you don't know. It's just professional curiosity. I'm just glad they found it and will be treating it. A 6.9 hgb is quite low and it's no wonder you feel so cruddy. A normal hgb is in the 12-14 range. I used to run in the 9 range... and, after my hysterectomy I shot up to a 14.5 and I feel SO much better!!

Diet is an awesome way to maintain a healthy hgb level but you may need supplemental iron to get you there. I Hope your doc gets going on this quickly so you can feel better.

And SIL? Poor thing. I know how awful a long labor is (my first was 4 days) and how it wears you out.

*hugs you*

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Hugs back atcha! I've never taken a sleep aid before but what you describe is what happened to me with melatonin. Eeek! MANY HUGS!!!

My last round of bloodwork was okay, so I suspect it is probably last 9-12 mos that it dropped. With gastric bypass, it is very hard for the body to absorb liver, since the duodenum is part of the old route and not new construction. The supplements...well...I haven't been great about taking them, as they're very hard on my stomach, so I've been relying on the iron in my multivitamin and food. Clearly that wasn't the right choice :(

I've been anemic various times in my life, in teenhood, but I always bounced back easily, Then again, way pre gastric bypass.

4 days? Omgosh! And you had more ;)

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4 days? Omgosh! And you had more ;) Yeah *sheepish grin*, women have a way of putting those things aside when they feel the urge for a baby. :P

4 days ending with an emergency C-section. The next one, I scheduled my C-section on my first OB appointment. Still had an emergency section. *headdesk* Scheduled my third... emergency section as well.

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As I was going into the OR for emergency C-section #3, I asked for a consent to get my tubes tied. I was very fertile and we almost lost EJ the day she was born. I didn't want to go through that again.