Yep, life is INSANE right now.

So...Dh is having surgery in 2 weeks. As a result, he's started a liquid diet, starting yesterday. He's a big guy, and is going from 4500 calories to 900 a day. As a diabetic, this could be problematic.

He was on a job site yesterday morning, and we ran a couple errands yesterday aft when he got home. When we got home, my computer was off.

And wouldn't come back on.

At all.

Now, I started getting some blue screens on my desktop last fall, but we figured RAM was failing slowly. But yesterday, the desktop wouldn't even boot.

Now, I work on my laptop, but only as a front end to my desktop. So this was...problematic. Plus, I stood to have lost some very urgent work.

Dh did some diagnostics, determined it was most likely the motherboard and/or ram. He went to the computer store and picked up a new motherboard and ram, saving my chip. This was diagnosed amidst much cursing, yelling and general bad behavior on his end. Since he's JUST started the liquid diet, it is bothering his blood sugar, leaving him extra cranky, plus not being able to take his meds for a couple of days.

It was unpleasant to say the least.

Well, he got home with the new parts, started installing and let out an unholy yelp. I was on the phone with a family member, saw his hand bubbling blood out and I HOPE I said to her that I had to go fairly calmly. In his haste to cut a zip tie. he used his pocket knife, which slipped and caused a major gash from base of thumb to knuckle right down to the bone.

Turns out his blood sugar had dipped and he seems to have grayed out/passed out. He had another incident where he started to pass out right afterward and his blood sugar dipped to 40, problematic when he can NOT have any solids (Thank god for glucose gel shots).

Now, I don't drive. At all. Can't. Panic attacks, no license, the works. Thankfully, we have a hospital only a mile away, and he was okay to get us there safely.

They were great, no stitches (They glued his wound) , splinted his hand, gave him a tetanus shot and it was a big thumbs up from there.

So, the computer is okay. Thank god. His hand is okay, mostly. Thank god.

Things should be quiet, right? RIGHT?

No...not in my world.

Stomach flu came back with a vengeance *sigh*

Dh had a pre op doc visit today. Good thing? EKG was good. They scheduled him for a stress test, which I'm glad about.

Not so good? He needs his gallbladder out before end of this year. He had the H Pylori bacteria, which can cause ulcers, so they have to give him antibiotics.

As he gets home and is telling me all this, I get a text. From SIL. She's being induced. SIL and Bro live 500 miles away, so all I can be is phone/text support. She had such high blood pressure that they didn't even let her go home. Bro rushed to her at speeds in excess of 100 MPH--how do i KNOW this? Well, he sent me a PICTURE of his SPEEDOMETER. yes, he was not ONLY driving that fast, but he was taking pix of how fast he was going. MEN!!!! I'm horrified and terrified that he was driving that fast and he has a major headslap in his future.

So far things are progressing slowly with baby boy, but the doc told SIL probably early morning... She's scared but seems okay.

Is it the weekend yet? Oh, and can I have a drink please ;)
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