Another week, another LJ update, wheee!!!

Feeling a bit better here, but family stress is very high--on all sides.

My biggest worry now is SIL, who is having very high blood pressure issues. She's due with my nephew in a few weeks, but they're talking about inducing next week. That is, if she can stay out of the hopsital. Poor thing has been in and out for several weeks as her blood pressure climbs into the very dangerous zones. I believe her highest was 212/180. They may have to do an emergency C-section if things look super dangerous.

Family lives hundreds of miles away (or thousands in Dh's case) so we're fairly helpless here, but we're trucking along!

As is kitteh! He had a tough couple of nights, but right now he's playing with the stuffed rat, sounding every bit like a phlegmy old man, but managing okay!

Dh is dealing with some health issues and will be having surgery in several weeks. Plans for assistance during that time frame have completely fallen through, so I'm on my own emotionally, physically, the works, which could be a bit rough at times. He had a very rough day today when it hit home that eating the way he has will be a thing of the past come Tuesday.

Having said that, I'm rather enjoying his "goodbye to real food" world tour. We dined at a place called Range on Friday night. It is run by Bryan Voltaggio, who was a runner up on the Tv Show Top Chef, and DH did some work there in the last couple of months. Bryan wasn't there, but his staff was fantastic and amazing and they comped our entire meal, which was so nifty. It is an amazing place, check it out!

Dh has a little more work to do there, and the chef de cuisine said he'd see if Bryan could be there next time :)

On the writing front, I had another productive Saturday, adding words to my other cowritten long contracted work. This one is largel emotionally driven (Last week's was much more plot driven) so I'm fairly confident that if work cooperates I can have that done and to coauthor by the weekend.

Coauthor is working on edits to the other book, the paranormal I finally clicked "the end" on last week. He phoned me yesterday to tell me how much he loves the story and what a great writer I am. Our process is that we co-plot, and I do the physical writing and him the editing. Neither of us have actually put words onto paper with the book in years, so he was rediscovering. It was wonderful :)

Unfortunately, I can't promise great things right now on the Taylor front, since these projects are taking up my writing time, but hopefully, I can get the finishing touches on the next shifter story in the next week, week and a half. I miss having new works out there. Plus...fandom. OMG I have so much fandom writing I want/need to do, especially the hopeful Steampunk Tibbs that was started last summer.

Hopefully, with fulfilling these contracts it'll open me up to being able to self publish longer works as well as serials, so there is an end game out there!
Okay, word's where I stand as of this morn!

30527 / 300000

So, how're you??
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From: [identity profile]

Very impressive!!!!

I'm sorry to hear about family health woes. Here's hoping everything comes out okay.

From: [identity profile]

*soooo many hugs* Best wishes for family, DH, Cinders, and you through all this! I hope everyone comes through this in good health and good spirits, or at least as good as it gets.

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Lot's of hugs!

Those BP issues can be scary! My cousin was the same way with her first. You said she's due in a few weeks? Hopefully things have developed well for the baby and if she is in need of a c-section he will flourish without her BP issues. Sending good thoughts!

Yay for fandom writing! I'm still plugging along with my G/A/T between my original stuff. December I made $12-something, which... better than nothing, but I'm up past $35 now for January, so that's encouraging. I plan to get a few more shorts out, but then I think I'd rather focus on some longer romance-y type stuff. I don't care enough about the characters in the short stuff, so that makes me drag when writing. Anyway, enough rambly stuff.

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They can be! They opted to induce her after another HBP event at docs office today. no major progress...yet. They're concerned though because he hasn't been practicing his respiration in utero.

YAY for writing!!! The short stuff...I have trouble writing PWP for that very reason...I don't care enough about the characters.

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How fabulous that you got the book done and your coauthor loves it :-). That must be such a great feeling.

Hopefully some of your stresses will ease off soon. And hopefully your nephew will make a healthy appearance soon too!

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OMG it is HUGE! This has been hanging over my head since late 2007--that is forever! I still don't quite know what to do without that hanging over my head.

SIL is in labor right now--they induced. Doc guesstimates li'l guy will be here by morning.

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Glad to see your writing production is going well. Sorry about the illhealth of hubby and SIL, hope everything sorts itself out asap.

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Sometimes all we can do is keep plugging along ... so keep on plugging along! Hugs from here.
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From: [personal profile] sinfulslasher

Sending any and all good vibes and healing thoughts and what not your way! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be fine!

Congrats on the word count, though. Here's hoping your TG alter ego gets to play sometime soon, too. ;)

From: [identity profile]

Thanks much! Baby should be here in the next under day or so--SIL was induced about 10 hours ago :)

And TG wants to play LOL!


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