Hi there :)

Still with the fever but generally feeling better.

Unfortunately, our eldest kitteh isn't--he gets really bad, he rallies, and then repeats the cycle. He's 14 now and I'm pretty concerned, but our vet seems to think as with most things, it is a matter of time, could be days or weeks, could be months or years. So far, he's eating great and has a lot of energy bursts, so we're very much in wait and see mode.

Despte working another 70+ hr week, I got LOTS of writing done, and checked a major project offf my list (Okay, in first draft format). This project has been lingering since late 2005 (not even joking) and I hadn't written a word on it in over a year. Now that it is done (for now anyway LOL), I don't even know how to feel.

Okay, onward word count :) I'm very pleased this week ;)

023714 / 300000

How're YOU?
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