Even though Im still sick, and we're having major family stresses, I had a fairly decent writing week!

None of the projects are fic oriented, or even erotic romance oriented, but I hope that this week, I'll feel up to putting some final touches on the next Merc and Chase story.
I'm currently at

12380 / 300000

Unforunately, not much else happened this week, beside work and writing. Yes, I'm fairly boring this week ;)

How're YOU?

From: [identity profile] bluefirebird.livejournal.com

Sending healing thoughts to you - I am in awe of all that you achieve.

I am grateful that I can mostly not dwell on the things that wind me up when they are not in front of me.

However I wish a less 'interesting' life for your future.
(Ongoing family thing: Mum tends to say that "nothing interesting has happened" when I phone her, and with recent experiences in mind I am firmly convinced that interesting is over-rated.)

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Many hugs! One thing I am is driven for what its worth :/

Many hugs! Interesting IS overrated!

From: [identity profile] ferneberga.livejournal.com

Lots of hugs. Hope your health improves asap and family stresses sort themselves out quickly too.

From: [identity profile] tingreca.livejournal.com

Ahh - family. Can be our greatest joy and our greatest sorrow - at the same time. I certainly understand.
Great writing total! I keep reading - not writing.

From: [identity profile] xanthe.livejournal.com

Oh no re being sick! I hope you feel better soon and the family stress dies down too :-). Hugs!
sinfulslasher: (cheerleading)

From: [personal profile] sinfulslasher

Family stress? :( *hugs*

*sends healing vibes*

Awesome word count though. *is jealous* What are you writing, if it's not fic oriented? *is curious*

From: [identity profile] kate2.livejournal.com

I am sorry to hear there is stress in your life. I Hope it gets resolved soon and that you are back to healthy.

Things here are okay. I have been working and doing some volunteering.

So far this flu hasn't gotten me and I hope it passes over us anyway.

From: [identity profile] taylorgibbs.livejournal.com

Thanks so much--some are pending, some seem to be resolving!

Stay healthy!



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